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Dishes which can’t be left off - guests have loved them for decades.


with Home-made Pasta880 Ft
with Matzo Balls880 Ft
Beef and Goose Zsüti Soup
with Matzo Balls1.980 Ft
Half Porton of Beef and Goose Zsüti Soup
1.480 Ft
Hungarian Farm Goulash Soup
2.980 Ft
Cup of Hungarian Farm Goulash Soup
1.680 Ft
French Onion Soup
1.180 Ft
Italian Garlic Soup
1.180 Ft


Toast with Goose Liver
on a Salad Bed3.280 Ft
Remíz Salad Bowl
Lettuce, Arucola, Grilled Ewe Cheese, Grilled Goose Liver2.980 Ft
Goose Cracklings
with Green Peppers, Tomatoes, Red Onions, Toast1.980 Ft
Eggplant Spread (Baba Ghanoush)
Green Peppers, Tomatoes, Red Onions, Toast1.880 Ft
Grilled Goat Cheese
with Cranberries and Salad2.120 Ft
Grilled Goat Cheese
with Cranberries and Salad2.680 Ft


Ginger Fresh Salad
with Grilled Ewe Cheese1.980 Ft
'Mátrai' Salad
Apple, Pineapple, Ham, Cheese, Lettuce1.360 Ft
Salad Mix: Tomato, Lettuce or Cucumber with Sour Cream
880 Ft

Fish Dishes

Breaded Fillet of Pike Perch
with ’Mátrai’ Salad4.420 Ft
Crispy Catfish
with Spicy Tagliatelle and Truffles4.420 Ft
Salmon Steak
with Colorful Pepper Sauce and Jasmine Rice4.420 Ft

Main Dishes

'Wiener Schnitzel'
3.320 Ft
Grilled Goose Liver
with Grilled Apples and Potato Purée4.880 Ft
Remiz Veal Fillet
Italian Salad and Cranberries3.880 Ft
Grilled Ewe Cheese
with Grilled Vegetables and Cranberries2.920 Ft
Crispy Duck Leg
with Mashed Potatoes and Braised Cabbage3.980 Ft
Crispy Knuckle of Pork
with Onions á la Lyonnaise and Dijon Mustard3.980 Ft
Angus Beef Steak
with Porcini Mushromms and Potato Croquettes (a la Remiz)5.320 Ft
Free-range Paprika Chicken
with Hungarian Gnocchi3.360 Ft
Turkey Breast in Honey Bundle
Served with Potato Purée and Compote2.980 Ft

Off the Lava Stones

Spare Ribs
Served with BBQ Sauce, Potatoes and Salad4.580 Ft
Half Portion of Spare Ribs
Served with BBQ Sauce, Salad and Potatoes3.580 Ft
Honey-Chili Spare Ribs
Served with a Ginger Salad and Potatoes4.580 Ft
Half Portion of Honey-Chili Spare Ribs
Served with a Ginger Salad and Potatoes3.580 Ft

Choice of Garnish:
Parsleyed Potatoes, Potato Purée, Potato Croquettes, Grilled Vegetables, Jasmine Rice, Home Made Mini Pasta, Salad



From Széll Kálmán tér take bus number 22, 22A, 222 and get off at the Szép Ilona stop. Or take tram no. 61 and get off at Budagyöngye. Continue on the same direction and then cross the street. It is about a 5 minutes walk.


Remíz Kávéház és Étterem
1021 Budapest, Budakeszi út 5.
+36 1 275 1396, +36 1 394 1896
+36 30 999 5131
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  • December 26 12.00 – 17.00

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